Everything I Learned to Live Without

by Laurier

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All songs written by Laurier.
Lyrics by Mike Pinault and Ryan Normile.

Laurier. was:
Mike Pinault - Bass, Vocals
Ryan Normile - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Pinault - Guitar
Max Rameau - Drums

Never let yourself down, no matter how low you go, you are infinite.


released August 25, 2015

Thank you for supporting us and this album. It would not sound the way it does without Ian Van Opijnen at The Echoroom in Uxbridge, big ups to him. Much love to Crickett Van Opijnen for keeping the spirits high and being the cutest studio pup. Thanks to Austin and Neal at Sorry Dad Records for helping us put this out, best dudes ever. The cover was painted by Emily Bennett, she's the best artist in the world. Thanks to other bands for helping us gain the support and momentum that we currently have (7 Birches, Caskets Filled With Flowers, Mallcops, Shore Leave), so check out all their tunes. Thank you to all of you, we can only express love so much.



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Laurier Westminster, Massachusetts

Indie rock from Massachusetts.

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Track Name: Tent Day
Ignorance and bliss were the fuel to our fire,
a flame loud enough to keep you quiet, keep you honest.
No morals in this yard, only compensation.
Prior commitments seem lackluster at best.

I don't care for context, because you're here, and I can breathe.
Acceptance and conditional happiness, you're perfect.
Tomorrow I'll be miserable, but today is tent day
and I'm done protecting myself.

Suddenly I'm paying more attention to intent,
But why didn't you warn me?
Track Name: December
Like I never thought I would, I brought out the worst in you.
This is the letting go, moving on, I've got better days ahead.

Like I never thought we would, we brought out the worst in each other.
This is to letting go, moving on, I've got better days ahead.
Like I always knew you would, you brought out the worst in me.
This is the letting go, moving on, I've got better days ahead.

Let's live forever, nights together, growing old and living bold.
Let's forget the past and live like we've always wanted to.
Track Name: How you mean?
I wanted to make a paper heart to fill your chest cavity,
And I wanted to make you and I paper crowns to make us royalty.
Because we never had much, but I swear, I wanted to make paper planes so we could fly away.
You're only as beautiful as I say you are.

Trapped inside a maze, running from the monster we made,
I ran and grew tired and you know how much I hated it.

I said this to you in a deep sleep;
You could never make anybody happy,
And you built these walls around you.

And if I dreamed that in the next four years you'd be gone,
I'd wake up and tell myself I'm wrong.
Lie awake, buried underneath the sheets,
I've become misery's company.

I cannot save you like you always wanted to.
I cannot contain you like I always wanted to,
But I don't blame you for leaving so soon.
I only wish you hadn't made your last goodbye at your bedside,
With no one in your life to make you feel alive like I did.
If I had the choice, I'd tell him to take me first.
Track Name: Grasping at Straw
It's been two hours now, and I'm still listening to Come On Eileen,
You were the only girl I swore I would dance with.
I watched as your sister took his hand at the alter,
as you took that of another.
It's been two minutes now and I've wandered into stores alone,
Looking at things to buy for a girl who I know won't think of me,
How can I buy your time?

It's been two years now and I'm still scared of passing you by,
but from a distance I still love the idea of us.

I blocked out December but I know you remember before we got older,
You drowned in the sleeves like I drowned in my beliefs
And I thought we might work eventually.
Track Name: Disco Daddy
I swear and I promised, I never meant to hurt you.
I didn't want you and couldn't have you happier than me.

I hope you feel infinite, because I feel nothing at all.
I hope that you can forgive me, because closure is all I need.

I swear that I tried to keep this house together,
But God I was angry, and God I was tired.
I can't do this on my own.